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This page has yet to be developed.

If you would like your contact details on this page so that old colleagues can get in touch, please email Alan Sibbald (email link below) with your details and a little bit of your history so folks remember who you are!

The contact details could include phone numbers or postal addresses for folk who don't have access to email. However, this page is in the public domain (I can't provide password protection with the current set up) so anyone can read it.

Please note that I have deliberately corrupted email addresses which could be trawled by clever software from junk-mailing companies. I have, therefore, added the letters "zzz" to all email addresses on this page which will result in "undeliverable email" messages being returned to the junk mailers. You will need to manually remove the "zzz" from the "To:" section of an email message before you send it.

NameContact detailsBrief History

Irene Anthonyemail:AnthonyIcra@zzzaol.comI started at Lauder Road in June 1965 working for John Doney before transferring to Accounts Office as clerkess. Became Asst Secy in Dec 1982 and stayed till the end supervising the transfer of staff and equipment to Aberdeen.

Murray Beattieemail:beattiem@zzzkilmarnock.ac.ukStarted in April 75, resigned in Jan 92. Worked in Grazing Ecology with John Hodgson and Dick Armstrong. Mad motorbiker. Claim to fame:- Almost knocked down Harry one evening when leaving at great haste, as Harry attempted to close the gates. Harry commented to Niven that evening - "That ******* youth". Niven did not ask who!!

Alan Sibbaldemail:alansibbald13@zzzgmail.comJoined 1st July 1959 stayed until the end! At Palmerston Pl., Lauder Rd. and Bush.
Started in Botanical Studies then Animal Production & Nutrition Dept. then Animal Production Dept.

Iain & Glenys Whiteemail:iwh71639@zzzbigpond.net.auIain worked with HFRO from August 1969 to November 1988. All of that time in the Animal Studies department. If it was not a Blood Sampling trip to Glensaugh, Hartwood, Lephinmore, or Sourhope, or perhaps hunting wild goats in remote corners, then it was the development of Urine Sampling machines and the Ultrasonic Scanning of sheep, cows, red deer etc. Glenys had a couple of years in the office until 1975.

Chris Badenoch email:cbadenoch@zzztalktalk.net First appeared a student at Sourhope with Bob Hunter/Ian Black in Easter 1963. (Delivered by Graham Gunn into a snow covered waste!). Joined Ian Nicholsonís agronomy unit in 1964 working to Sourhope, Lephinmore and peat-runoff studies on bogs in Lanarkshire and later with Jock Eadieís unit at Sourhope on digestibility studies and "systems synthesis". Head-hunted to work on Red deer and commercial plantation by Nature Conservancy and Forestry Commission Research in 1969.

Contact Alan Sibbald: alansibbald13@zzzgmail.com (who likes to call himself the Webmaster!) if you have any comments or suggestions for this page. Remember to remove the from my email address before sending.

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