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The 2004 Golden Jubilee Reunion

The following reminders of the reunion are available:

Photos taken during dinner & the group photo

Because the photo files are quite large and take a while to download over a dial-up modem, they are shown here as thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the photo; this will open a smaller, pop-up window which you should close after viewing or you may finish up with lots of windows open in you browser, or the smaller pop-up window will disappear behind the big window!

Thumbnail of Table A
Table A.
Thumbnail of Table B
Table B.
Thumbnail of Table C
Table C.
Thumbnail of Table D
Table D.
Thumbnail of Table E
Table E.
Thumbnail of Table F
Table F.
Thumbnail of Table G
Table G.
Thumbnail of Table H
Table H.
Thumbnail of Table I
Table I.
Thumbnail of Table J
Table J.
Thumbnail of The Group photo
The Group photo.
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